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Container complex as club house
Container complex as hostel
Combinated unit as workshop
Combinated unit with container as office annex
Presentation pavilion with glass facade
Office building three-storey

Containers and Room Modules

Our roots lie in the container - our creativity comes out in the room modules!

    Container complex as hostel Office module as annex

    Our strength lies in modular space systems. Whether for a straightforward container or a room module with a highly-sophisticated design: the basis is our standard container 3001 PLUS, which is developed in-house and is highly compatible and combinable.


    As a result, you always get the space solution you need: from a simple storage container, to a high-tech module with different design variations for representative, marketing or administrative applications - or for child-care or teaching purposes. At the same time, we always fulfil the criteria for high-quality, sustainable and cost-effective construction. You have our word on this.


    Read here about some successfully realised projects.