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Learn how quality is created within a company.


How is quality really created?

Through choice of materials, tolerances, quality control and service mentality


If a company decides to deliver premium quality, this has substantial consequences. Because with such a commitment also comes enormous effort. It means, for example, that you may never turn a blind eye. Only 100 percent adherence to the defined quality standard is tolerated.

It is clear that this also causes corresponding costs for the company. Anyone who ensures quality just can’t produce cheaply – very simply because ensuring quality per se always generates internal costs.

But how do these costs arise and therefore affect the prices for quality products? Let’s have a look at an example in our industry: the design, production and building of mobile space solutions.


Quality starts with the selection of materials

Tents, containers and halls are only as good as the materials they are made of. Anyone who stands for quality must therefore ensure that these materials always comply with the quality standards. This starts with the selection of the right suppliers and includes continuous monitoring of the materials delivered – whether these are aluminium profiles or tarpaulins.

If you haven’t seen this with your own eyes you would hardly believe what differences there are even in the composition and processing of these basic materials. Of course the prices for higher material quality are already higher at purchase. But as a premium quality provider we believe that these prices will pay off for everyone in the end – very simply, because these materials ultimately lead to more reliability, safety and longer life.


Thought out to the smallest detai

Of course, quality always has something to do with design. At this point we aren’t talking about the aesthetic dimension of design, but only the functional aspects. If Losberger launches a new product, you can assume that it has been fully thought out to the smallest detail. For example, all mobile space solutions from Losberger are of modular design, so that the user can easily extend or adjust them based on the requirements.

Furthermore, to Losberger quality means that all products are always reverse compatible. This way clients can always connect new products easily with existing solutions. The development of such clever solutions generates additional costs, of course – but for the clients it first and foremost facilitates their daily work routines.


The final touch is done by hand

As in all large companies, CNC milling machines are used for the cutting and processing of all larger metal components at Losberger. These components are only perfect in our view, though, if we have checked everything thoroughly and removed all potential burrs and imperfections by hand. Such burrs not only represent a considerable risk of injury, they can also cause components not to fit exactly together or vause tarpaulins to be damaged during assembly – which is a clear no-go for any premium provider.


Uncompromising quality management

Good quality managers are merciless – at least when it comes to the products, for which their neck is on the line. Also with Losberger nothing leaves the company that has not been put to the acid test. Each component and all interfaces are measured very precisely so that later at assembly, everything fits together seamlessly. Supporting parts are x-rayed to be able to grant their stability and therefore the safety of all participants.

With this consistent quality management, our products easily comply with requirements for an entire range of certificates, of course. Learn more about these certifications here.


Premium service as a meaningful addition

Imagine you have planned a large project with a mobile space solution and the delivery doesn’t arrive on time. How do you proceed, if you realise at assembly that certain parts don’t fit or are missing entirely? In such moments at the latest it becomes very clear that quality beyond the mere production process must be perceptible also in consulting, organisation, delivery and building of space solutions.

At Losberger, for example, this begins with a detailed analysis of requirements. Our experts take a lot of time, first of all, and listen to the challenges that the client faces. Only then is an existing product is recommended or even a new solution is designed together, if necessary.

For the delivery we make every effort to ensure that an agreed-upon date will be met. Finally, Losberger will provide their own supervisors for the assembly, responsible for the smooth and especially timely assembly. All this ensures that in the course of the process there are no unpleasant surprises or hidden costs for the clients, in contrast to compared to a cheap product that could eventually turn out to be a more expensive choice.


”Quality remains when the price is long forgotten.”
H. Gordon Selfridge


You see: The experience of quality is far more than mere lip service. It is a business commitment connected to a lot of effort and corresponding costs. An effort that pays off for clients and users – through longer life, smoother processes, lower maintenance costs, more safety and an unbeatable resale value.


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