Origin as quality seal

Why particularly German products stand for special quality worldwide


Quality according to German standards

About the backgrounds of an international success story


Ask a Vietnamese or Tunisian what they associate with German products. Very likely you can already guess the answer. “Made in Germany” is a symbol for special quality all over the world. Why actually? How did it come to this? And why is this image so persistent?


The strongest seal of confidence in the world

“Made in Germany” is by far the strongest seal of confidence in the world – and it leaves other countries far behind. This is confirmed by an international survey by Statista, an online portal for statistics. For the survey, more than 43,000 participants from 52 countries were asked which country do they think is most likely to stand for quality goods. Germany achieved number 1 13 times and claimed the overall victory in the survey.


It is hardly surprising that the Germans generated a world class export surplus of 160 bn dollars in 2016 according to the Ifo Institute. The entire world counts on German quality!


Concentrated competence

The roots of the quality seal “Made in Germany” reach back to the end of the 19th century. After a slightly bumpy start into the era of industrialisation with more of an average product quality, they started working across all industries and systematically to continuously improve the quality of German products.


In many companies they already realised at the time that you can only establish a good reputation worldwide in this way – and especially be able to command corresponding prices on an international level.


The result? Rapidly increasing exports. And as this strategy seemed to work, quality management was consequently further developed in German companies in the following years – even if they didn’t call it that at the time, of course. Thus the label “Made in Germany”, which is still unofficial, began its worldwide triumph lasting to this day. 


Is quality a question of attitude?

But why is it that particularly German products were able to and still do claim this reputation for centuries? Especially in Japan or the US, quality management plays an equally important role in production processes! Might this image have something to do with the culture of the Germans?


This naturally reminds us of the “German values” accuracy and reliability that we Germans are credited with regularly in the international arena. People say that we attach more value to precision and place the highest demands on our own work. We can only speculate whether there is a direct connection between these values and the success of its country of origin label at this point.


One thing’s for sure: Wherever large and small parts must mesh exactly and complex process flows must operate smoothly, German companies such as Siemens, BASF, Lufthansa or also Losberger have provided both meticulous and reliable solutions for the whole world for many decades. And naturally, word gets around about these results: Global word-of-mouth advertising, so to speak.


Quality beats price – all over the world!

So many products from Germany even today are valued by the whole world and purchased despite their often higher prices. In Australia they swear by German washing machines. In the US the design and value retention of German car brands is appreciated. And also tents, containers and halls by Losberger stand for excellent quality, precise workmanship and a unique resale value all over the world. This is not surprising if you look more closely at the design, production and quality management processes at Losberger.


Consequently these products also comply with all relevant DIN ISO requirements, providing a safe feeling for the purchase decision, together with the country of origin label. That German products often cost considerably more doesn’t concern convinced buyers in the least. They know: In the long run they save money despite the higher price. Because durability, reliability and a higher resale value just pay off – whether for tents or washing machines.



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