Industrial halls to increase storage capacity

Responding flexibly to market developments




When do you rent a mobile warehouse and when do you decide to build your own new industrial hall? Renting a mobile industrial hall is the right choice when you need to react very quickly to market trends and company developments. If your order situation requires a quick reaction, demountable industrial halls help you maintain or increase the productivity in your company, as they can be erected on short notice.


Mobile industrial halls for significantly increased flexibility


REHAU AG+Co, based in Rehau, Franconia, Germany, is a systems and service provider of polymer-based solutions for the construction, automotive and industrial sectors and has been relying on Losberger De Boer industrial halls for years. Due to an increased order situation, the company opted to utilize two additional industrial halls with 1,200 m² usable floor space, each at short notice, which will initially be in use for three years.


Dieter Schubert, Head of Internal Transport at REHAU AG+Co, argues: "We already have various Losberger De Boer industrial halls in use. With the two new halls, there are a total of seven mobile space solutions. For us, flexibility is an important factor in our economic success. The industrial halls can be used at short notice and, depending on market developments, they can also be expanded, which has a positive effect on costs. Both industrial halls were built within a total of only three weeks - the short assembly time is an absolute plus for us."


Capacity expansion through additional usable space


Due to adverse weather conditions, the Losberger De Boer construction and service team only had a short time window on site to complete the two industrial halls. Nevertheless, the assembly went smoothly and the halls could be handed over to the client in time. Losberger De Boer equipped the halls with lighting, electric roller shutters and doors, among other things, providing REHAU AG+Co with a full-fledged storage and transshipment location. As the halls were built very close to each other, a trapezoidal roof was used for fire protection reasons. Earth nails with a length of up to two meters ensure that the halls are securely anchored to the ground even in wind load zone 4. Overall, Rehau is expanding its capacities at the Erlangen location with a further 2,400 m² of usable space.