Students learn in mobile lecture theaters

Losberger Lightweight Aluminum structure, Type PH


During the winter semester, The Rhein Main University of Applied Sciences (HSRM) in Wiesbaden had to deal with a massive influx for the 'real estate management' course. The capacity of existing lecture theaters was by no means sufficient. So, the university turned to Losberger customers, Stiener & Wehr. The solution: a mobile lecture theater from Losberger, which was ready in two weeks, just in time for the start of the semester. Not only do the students have their lectures in traditional lecture theaters, but now also in our Lightweight Aluminum structure, fully equipped as an auditorium. It seats up to 350 people, and has a 75m² foyer and adjoining toilets.


The Chancellor of the University, Wilfried Friedl, was clearly impressed with the Losberger structure, and made the following statement after the theater had been installed: "Our 'tent' is, of course, only an interim solution, but it doesn´t feel like this”.


Structure: Lightweight Aluminum structure, Type PH 15/420 x 35m




  • 60 sandwich panels in the roof and walls
  • Drainage with hard PVC rain gutters
  • 2 emergency exist doors
  • 2 aluminum doors
  • 8 plastic windows

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