• Industry tents two-span Type Alu
  • Industry tent Type LS
  • Warehouse tents two-span Type LS

Temporary Warehouses

Rapid help in case of short-term space bottlenecks

  • Warehouse tent Type LS
  • Warehouse tents two-span Type LS
  • Industrial tents two-span Type LS
  • Industry tents two-span Type Alu
  • Warehouse tent Type Alu
Warehouse tents two-span Type LS Warehouse tent Type Alu

Today more than ever, companies must be able to react to short-term changes in the market situation. With Losberger industrial and storage tents, you remain independent in planning for the future and tying up capital. For example by renting instead of buying. We have the right hall concept for you to make moderate growth possible quickly.


Losberger industrial and storage tents are particularly economical and are available just-in-time in order to overcome space bottlenecks quickly.

The Losberger system hall construction consists of a framework made of steel or aluminium, which can be erected and dismantled particularly quickly. The translucent roof cover made of heavy duty fabrics offers pleasant daylight without additional lighting.

Choose the right financing for your individual industrial or storage tent: Buy, lease or rent. Our rent service in particular offers you numerous advantages:

  • Independent in planning capital and the future
  • No burden on your liquidity
  • Fiscally immediately deductible rent costs
  • Rent duration exactly in accordance with your needs
  • No maintenance costs


Our industrial tents are especially suitable as short-term available storage space or enclosure for soil clean-up and recycling.


Here you find factsheets of some attractive reference projects.