Rio + 20



The Rio +20 held from 13 to 20 July 2012 and was the biggest event of the United Nations (UN) about sustainable development. The Rio de Janeiro received, besides civil society delegations from more than 190 countries around the world for this conference.


An event as large used various parts of Rio, but what was highlighted most was the Copacabana Fort, with exposure Humanities 2012:


”RIO — The success of the event organizers Humanity in 2012 did extend the hours of operation of the assembled structure at the Copacabana Fort. From Saturday, the public can visit the attractions of the event, such as showrooms, 10am to 22pm, with entry allowed until 21pm. From Tuesday until Friday 17h, passed by Forte 60 thousand people.” (O Globo online)


A MVD LB Forneceu:


  • 150,000.00 m scaffolding ;
  • 7,000.00 m² of floor structure for Cassette
  • Total equipment: 1,050.00 t.
  • Service of assembly and disassembly