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A celebration for your brand!

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  • Conferences
  • Conferences

Celebrate your company anniversary and utilise this occasion to show yourself from your best side. Let your customers, suppliers and employees be your guests on this day. They have all contributed to your company’s many years of success.


Our space solutions create an elegant location for this – tailored to your requirements – without a long lead time. No matter whether it is a small employees’ party or impressive anniversary event.


Hardly any limits are set here regarding design. Round-arched roofs, single or two-storey tent facilities, beautiful glass fronts and terraces. What is more, you remain flexible and can react quickly to changes in the number of your guests. And within the context of the services rendered we also support you with the equipment in order to create the right ambience – with creativity and ability to empathise. From the decoration through the lighting to the furnishings.