Your playing field for the “third half”

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Your football VIPs want to be entertained both before and after home games. If the demand for much sought-after VIP places should exceed the supply, we ask: May it be a bit more?


Temporary tent solutions from Losberger right next to the stadium are the convenient and quick addition to the VIP areas of the main stand. Your guests must not do without their accustomed comfort and can let themselves be spoilt in a cultivated ambience.

Completely detached from any infrastructure, with glass fronts facing towards the stadium, with balcony and terrace: High-quality single and two-storeyed buildings from Losberger are visually linked from every angle of vision with the most important trivial pursuit in the world. And you reach the stadium directly and without any transition via walkways.

Our solutions are a mixture of long-term temporary buildings and event tents. They give discriminating guests the feeling of enjoying particular hospitality throughout the whole football season or during the reconstruction of the stadium. Mobile rental objects are also available for events at short notice around the stadium.