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On April 20th of 2013, a serious earthquake hit Ya’an in Sichuan China. Losberger responded immediately, and worked closely with local government and disaster relief team to set up six temporary hospitals equipped with basic medical facilities within 24 hours. Losberger erected three more temporary hospitals later to save the injured people. 


The case in Ya’an earthquake is one of the examples of Losberger’s achievement in emergent logistics. Compared with ordinary logistics, emergent logistics is accidental and sometimes unpredictable. It has higher requirements for logistics suppliers due to its high urgency and time constraints.


For renewable Energy Provider/Manufacturer/Suppliers, they need maintenance in remote areas (wind-parks, solar-power-plants, etc.) and provide sleeping/livingareas for engineers & repairing-workers and temporary storage for tools, machines and vehicles.


Chemical industry sometimes needs to face the accidents/emergencies in the chemical industry zone. Meeting points for personnel decontamination, mobile hospital, safety zones and emergency control centers are necessary. Losberger is able to bring the professional, fast and secure emergent logistics system to help companies autonomously and immediately deal with various emergent needs even in remote area.