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Gao in Mali, August 2013: Within the framework of their peacekeeping mission aimed at political stabilisation of the West African state, the United Nations needed to erect a camp for 100 men in the shortest possible time, designed to temporarily house not only UN staff and their visitors but also to accommodate a central administration office. Losberger RDS quickly emerged as a suitable partner when it came to tents and their assembly.


With temperatures of up to 48 °C, heavy winds, dust and relevant time pressure inflatable tents provided the best solution. Easy to transport and very quickly assembled, they offer reliable protection against heat and dust. Overall, 25 tents of types TAG NG and TMM were delivered. In addition, Losberger also accounted for four generators for the camp’s power supply and supported the mission on location with their own team of specialists.


As a result, not only the tents’ assembly went fast and smoothly but our team also ensured a careful transfer of technology. To quote a verdict in the final report on the camp’s set-up: “Losberger, with its technology and competent task force, made a crucial contribution to the success of the project.”