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Mobile space solutions

From sporting to festive, from business to event

  • Mobile World Congress 2018
  • Mercedes Benz Cup 2018
  • Goodwood Festival of Speed
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De coolste Ban van Nederland Goodwood Festival of Speed England

What is your requirement for a flexible space solution? We will gladly surpass your expectations!

Losberger De Boer rents out creative space concepts for your live communication.

Due to the acquisition of De Boer Structures in May 2017, the Losberger De Boer rental portfolio embraces an even greater variety of structures, shapes and sizes.

With modular tent units in exclusive quality we offer solutions adapted to your needs and ideas – fitted into your location. Our range of tents includes an exceptionally wide variety of sizes, shapes and equipment in single and two-storey tent construction with extensive possibilities for combination.

For show-events, concerts, trade fairs, exhibitions and sports events. For presentations, road shows, VIP, hospitality and logistics. Simply suitable for every event.

Explore the Losberger and De Boer product portfolio and find the right solution for your needs.