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Combining quality, speed and empathy

When on April 20, 2013 a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit the city of Ya’an in the Chinese Province of Sichuan fast and non-bureaucratic help was needed urgently. Our job was triggered in fast response to the situation. We immediately activated our internal disaster rescue system and sent a team to the quake-stricken areas immediately after the catastrophe.

China_2013_Content_245x245.jpgWorking closely together with local authorities our engineers managed to construct six temporary wards at the No. 37 Hospital in Ya’an in less than 24 hours on April 22. Equipped with basic therapeutic apparatus, these tents were soon put into use on April 23. We then erected three temporary wards at Tianquan People’s Hospital and Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ya’an to ensure safe and timely treatment of the injured. Since many infrastructure facilities were damaged by the earthquake, we also helped to build emergency shelters and temporary warehouse tents to store relief supplies. For the time being, 13 Losberger tents are being used as hospitals or schools.



China_2008_Content_245x245.jpgOur ability to react fast to unforeseen events is based not only on the nature of our business but also on our will of being capable to cope with surprising situations. Thus our teams have been actively involved in the rescue plan of the devastating 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

Losberger engineers completed 15 tents covering 3.000 square meters for the use as temporary classrooms and hospitals. With the classrooms more than 1.300 students and their teachers were able to continue their studies despite of destroyed school buildings.


No doubt: Our ability to react quickly, competent and determined - even in the aftermath of natural disasters - proves that a Losberger solution is always based on big experience and total commitment.