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Losberger efficiently achieves the large warehousing for fast-moving consumer goods in the port & wharf


Large mobile warehouse for FMCG Logistics company


Recently, the global advanced mobile architecture expert Losberger set up a huge mobile warehouse with the total area of more than 6,000 square meters in Shanghai Wujing Wharf for a well-known fast-moving consumer goods logistics group. Divided into four phases, the project was completed within only two months. In the phase I project, a 6.8-meter high tent warehouse with the area of nearly 2,700 square meters was set up within 10 days. The project effectively helps the logistics group realize rapid goods turnover and cost control. Generally, the warehouse is tens of kilometers away from the port and wharf. The tent warehouse next to the port helps the group save the transportation expense of tens of kilometers.

This time, the group wanted to find the warehousing for beer distribution. Setting up the fast-moving consumer goods logistics warehousing at the port has significant traffic advantages, for it can rapidly send goods to each retail outlet in the downtown. However, the fixed warehouse next to the port is very scarce and the open space area is also limited, unable to meet the requirement for setting up large warehouses. Losberger’s large tent warehouse solution effectively solved the problems.

In the phase I project, in a short time, Losberger completed a large area of tent setting-up in uneven terrain and relatively bad environment. Additionally, the transparent and semi-transparent forms are arranged for the roof system, which efficiently solved the lighting problem, more energy saving and environmentally friendly. Based on the phase I project, functional facilities such as the concrete waterproof pouring system, industrial fan and rain cover were added to the phase II project and phase III project. Additionally, the safety facilities like roof wire rope, all-side reinforcing bars and column bracing are increased, which greatly improved the safety of the warehouse. Meanwhile, Losberger also made a precise plan for materials, equipment and personnel before construction. Each process was fully quantized, to guarantee the construction progress and reduce the waste of manpower and material resources to the greatest extent, realizing the maximum efficiency.

Compared with traditional buildings, the construction of Losberger’s mobile warehouse is more efficient. Additionally, the mobile house is sturdy and durable, with the service life up to 20 years. Meanwhile, traditional buildings do not have the advantages of the tent warehouse, like mobility and flexibility. It can be constructed and dismantled at any time with no need of the base. The warehouse can be set up rapidly in a short time, which efficiently and fully realizes the cyclic utilization of resources and maximizes the utilization ratio of the storage space. Losberger also guaranteed high quality while putting emphasis on high efficiency. The product was? certified in the area of engineering in Germany, with B1 fireproofing level and 8-10 windproof level.

Losberger’s highly efficient and high-quality mobile architecture solution solved the logistic group’s urgent time limit and great project quantity. Mr. Sha, general manager of the group, said, “Under the conditions of existing scarceground resources, using a mobile warehouse is like possessing a warehouse following you everywhere, which can make us strategic adjustment and planning more flexible and efficient”.?