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Around 500 international guests came to Bad Rappenau, to celebrate the anniversary of Losberger De Boer.


Losberger De Boer, originally founded in 1919, enters year 100 of the businesses history in 2019. For instance, Volkswagen notices it’s 70st birthday and the Tempo Tissues get 90 years old.


Around 500 international guests, including customers, partners and employees came to Bad Rappenau, to celebrate the anniversary of Losberger De Boer. “The Atmosphere couldn’t have been better”, says Rahel Lorenz, member of the hosts’ marketing-team. She added: “When Eddy Miller and his band started playing, they immediately matched our guests taste and kept it like that for the rest of the evening. On top of that, our DJane and her saxophonists brought the right mood to the party and the dancefloor.”

In the evening, visitors witnessed a special moment, as a laser show took them on a journey through the past, present and future of Losberger De Boer. As the laser beams were lighting up the whole venue, everybody had the feeling of being a part of the show.

For its centennial event, the industry leader in space solutions set up an in-house location of the Palas-Series. This venue is especially known for its spacious hall with a characteristic cubic architecture and many opportunities for individual customization. The horizontal glass panels were used to allow the scene to be flooded with light and made a great outside view possible.

A gallery within the Palas offered a view from above, partnered up with vine tasting sessions.
The 25m² Edison-Bar was the center of the event and a popular place for old friends and new partners to meet up and connect.



The event started with a formal welcome followed by a buffet with snacks and culinary delights. The event was hosted by German television news anchor Claudia Kleinert. After a short introduction, the word was given to Losberger De Boer CEO Arnaut de Hair, who honored the legacy and the innovative thinking of Friedrich Losberger during his speech. Additionally, he gave credit to the company’s 1.100-plus employees for their outstanding performance, which was and still is a key indicator for Losberger De Boers success. Dustin Kadlubsky was said to be one of those employees. During his interview with host Claudia Kleinert, it became clear that with his mother, father and his grandmother working for Losberger, he practically grew up in the company.

The mayor of Bad Rappenau, Sebastian Frei, congratulated Losberger De Boer on their anniversary and pointed out the international relevance of the firm. “No matter where you are, the buildings from Losberger De Boer are everywhere to be found. The company is one of the flagships of the region.” Kirsten Hirschmann, Vice-President of the IHK in Heilbronn-Franken was talking particularly about the huge meaning of having an internationally successful company, like Losberger De Boer within the region. She stressed the importance of the fact that the business still operates from where its roots lie till this day.

Later, Daniel Cordey (AGES), Hugo Keller (Messerli), Alex Johnen (adidas) und Onno Koole (Losberger De Boer) discussed trends in the fields of experience and design, sustainability and technological innovations. Moderated by Claudia Kleinert, they exchanged opinions on how these factors will influence future events and which consequences for (mobile) event locations might occur. Digitalization and innovation within the branch will surely bring surprises and challenges, which Losberger De Boer will overcome to carry on with creating top of class modular space solutions and the best customer experience.