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19 Years at the Goodwood FOS


Losberger UK supplied the 19th time Losberger Event Structures at the Goodwood Festival of Speed


In 1998 Losberger UK first started supplying structures to the Goodwood Festival of Speed (FOS) since then we have seen a dramatic change in what we can achieve inside and on the outside of a temporary space. Tents are barely recognisable as such, the impressive stands at the festival of speed are a testament to the temporary structures industry as a whole.


In particular Losberger UK have an impressive array of structures, they have installed special features and custom designs, plus interiors with a notable high end finish and an unparalleled level of detail. Gone are the days of pleated ivory linings and plain pitched roofs with conforming white exteriors. In 2017 tents are bigger, better, bolder, braver and branded!


At this years’ Festival of Speed Losberger have supplied over 10,000m2 of event space and interiors for various clients including: - Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes Benz Stand, Future Lab, The Moving Motor Show and Martini Drivers Club (a new structure this year the Losberger doubleflex emporium) along with regular builds such the Hill & Gurney Pavilions, Mercedes Hospitality, Porsche Café and The Goodwood Shop. Losberger UK’s special installations included an electric lift for the Martini Drivers Club, along with an enormous purpose built stair case to take VIP’s and drivers up and over the red carpet walled garden and into the hospitality areas. Losberger also installed electric hand sensor sliding doors in the hospitality pavilions; a new feature for customer comfort and ease of use.


Losberger UK are no strangers to customising their structures to fit a client’s exact design brief; the Mercedes Benz stand had a 15m wide aperture along the length of their huge 20m Arcum structure. The 15m opening was entirely free of any supporting legs and designed especially for the stand, presenting an impressive entrance area. New at Goodwood this year was the FOS Future Lab, the new FOS attraction allowed people to see the future of getting from A to B, from Flying cars, supersonic travel and even spacewalks were all previewed in FOS Future Lab, along with that 200mph driverless racing car. The attraction was staged inside a futuristic, graphic wrapped Losberger 20 m x 30 m x 8 m Palas.


Once again The Jaguar Land Rover experience proved to be an extremely popular stand, Losberger’s open fronted Palas structure was again built around a huge tree. Losberger are often asked to build on tricky sites, this tree has become a favourite part of the build at FOS, Losberger welcomes a challenge and will find a solution to anything that’s asked of them.


A big thank you to Losberger UK clients; The Event Business, PDQ, Display International and The Goodwood Estate, Losberger have had another very successful, safe and enjoyable build.


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