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British Land Celebration of Design


The London Design Festival paid tribute to four designers in Losberger’s imaginatively designed Cyclone structures.


This September Broadgate’s Exchange Square hosted the British Land Celebration of Design, using Losberger’s imaginatively designed Cyclone structures.


Broadgate is a 30 acre fully managed business campus in the heart of London's Square Mile. Each season Broadgate, home to some of the world’s biggest corporations, host a different campaign. The exhibition was aptly held in Losbergers own innovatively designed cyclone structures. A total of six 5m x 5m Cyclone units were assembled in a ‘U’ formation. Ramps, hand rails and an exterior decking area were also part of the installation.


Internally Losberger provided bespoke interior walls for the designer’s to showcase their works. The structure sat on a typically British lawn behind Liverpool Street Station and was surrounded by stunning architectural detail that provided a dramatic backdrop to compliment the event.


Usually only celebrating one winner, this year a medal was awarded to four designers as part of the festival’s ten year anniversary celebrations. The winning designers each displayed a range of their work including photography, furniture, installations and lighting.


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