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Hall meets light


Zizala Lichtsysteme GmbH, one of the world's leading suppliers of light systems to the automobile industry, decided to have a new production hall with an attached storage depot. From the very beginning, the intention was to have a steel system construction. The reasons for this included the fast assembly time and the many options available nowadays which ensure functional and comfortable use of the hall. Losberger, the supplier of the halls, was able to hand over around 1,000 square metres of hall area only two weeks after assembly started.



In order to meet the requirements of the customer, who is based in Wieselburg, Austria, Losberger recommended two Type KS light construction halls which use a steel system construction, with increased snow and wind load in addition to comprehensive heat insulation. In addition, there was a package of equipment with a roof drainage system, escape doors, high-speed doors and windows of different sizes.

Together with the fast, thorough on-site consultancy, the fast assembly time of only two weeks, the assured high standard of quality and the attractive appearance, the customer saw that his decision to choose Losberger offered tremendous advantages.

As promised, the halls were assembled in two weeks and handed over without any defects. Now this manufacturer of lighting systems for the automobile industry is using the new work areas for packing and warehousing. Also, as requested, the two halls offer more than just good places to work in; thanks to their attractive design, they also blend in perfectly with the surroundings of Zizala's company site.