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Losberger speaks at “2014 Logistics Leadership Forum” of Logistics Festival

27/10/14, Losberger China

Seize the logistics opportunities with the flexible and efficient mobile architecture solutions


Losberger was invited to the 11th China International Logistics Festival and awarded the “Golden award of international transportation and logistics equipment” at the festival. Yibin Chen, Managing Director of Losberger China delivered a speech at “2014 Logistics Leadership Forum”.


The theme of the logistics forum this year is “New logistics opportunity of Silk Road”. The forum invited a few important guests, including YibinChen, Managing Director of Losberger China, to share the new trends and developments of logistics. YibinChenshowed in his speech how Losberger’s leading mobile architecture solutions can help companies to seize the new logistics opportunities, improve companies’ supply and chain efficiency and strengthen the flexibility and accountability of logistics.

In the context of Silk Economic Zone and Yangtze River economic belt, unimpeded commerce and regional development largely depend on logistics. “Efficiency is the common pursuit of companies and society. The word ‘Efficiency’ was mentioned four times in the 2014 government report. It is therefore crucial for companies to increase logistics efficiency and even supply chainefficiency to achieve rapid development. ”saidYibin Chen, “Our highly-efficient mobile architecture saves customers’ time, efforts and money. We can increase the circulation of the goods while reducing risks, helping companies to develop better and operate smarter.”

Losberger now has a series of mobile architecture solutions for manufacturers, e-commerce vendors, retailers, and logistics parks and free trade zones.Losberger mobile architecture is a modular construction system which can be anchored without foundation and is reusable and re-locatable. Up to 1,000 square meters can be constructed in a single day. In addition to fast-speed and efficiency, Losgerger also offers a flexible rental choice with a more cost-effective and flexible solution compared to a fixed asset investment.  Rental options range from three month to three year periods. Companies can also choose to purchase the product.

2014 China International Logistics Festival was held from Oct 21-23 in Lianyungang, with the theme “Seize the new opportunities of Silk Road and establish the logistics cooperation platform”. The Logistics Festival has been held in 11 consecutive years initiated by China Transportation Association, highly recognized at home and abroad.