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Losberger tents for buried-alive miners


The rescue of the Chilean miners who had been buried alive for 69 days was successfully completed late on Wednesday evening. From a depth of 700 metres, all 33 miners were brought up from the San José mine through a specially-drilled shaft, and they were all clearly in good condition. The rescue took almost 24 hours, each miner being transported individually to the surface, and the families cheered and wept tears of joy at every arrival. On the instructions of the government, a special area consisting of Losberger tent units was set up to allow the families to welcome the miners in private. The tents were rented out by Losberger's partner company in Chile, TARPULIN® Ingeniería de Protección S.A., and erected close to the borehole in the middle of the Chilean desert. This is where the initial medical examinations of the miners took place after their ascent, and Chile's president, Sebastián Pinera, also talked to the rescued miners in the tent section which had been screened off.