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Enjoy Biathlon World Championships in Style


Guests and athletes at the Biathlon World Championships in Antholz, Italy, could enjoy this world class event ‘in style’, as Losberger De Boer provided the IBU with several exclusive hospitality facilities.


The idyllic Antholz Obertal is not only known for South Tyrolean warmth and tradition, but also for exciting biathlon competitions. Since the combination sport of cross-country skiing and shooting moved into the little-known province almost 50 years ago, Antholz has developed into a world-class sports centre. One of the main drivers is the ambition and passion of the local people, pursuing the idea of top-class biathlon in their home city up until today.


Horizontal wall elements, insulated roof covers, floor heating


"Enjoy in style" was the motto of this year's hospitality program of the Südtirol-Arena. In order to live up to this motto, the IBU's organising committee commissioned temporary space solution expert Losberger De Boer to build a 45-metre VIP hospitality location with a free-standing platform.


The two-storey event hall was equipped with insulated roof covers and wall elements as well as underfloor heating to withstand the icy outside temperatures while keeping heating costs low. The horizontal glass elements allowed the interior space to be flooded with light and therefore, accentuated the rustic but classy atmosphere inside. Moreover, the adjoining platform was used as an exclusive spectator area, which offered the guests the best view to the biathletes entering the stadium.


Passion is ours.


In addition to the mobile VIP hospitality location in the middle of the stadium, Losberger De Boer delivered a 40 m wide and 65 m long spectator tent with additional kitchen facilities. The 2,600 square metre big event tent fitted perfectly into the Tyrolean mountain panorama and offered sufficient space for hearty food, atmospheric music and exuberant celebrating fans.


The VIP Hospitality location


Building in 1,800m in heavy snow

The partnership between IBU and Losberger De Boer was successful for both parties. Thanks to the thorough and foresighted planning and coordination, short-term challenges on site, such as the assembly up at 1,800 m in snowfall, could be mastered without any problems.

Lorenz Leitgeb, President of the Organising Committee of the Biathlon World Championships in Antholz, proudly looks back on the realised sports event: "We are happy to look back on an all-round successful World Championships and thus on the reward for our years of elaborate preparation and planning. Thanks to our 1500 helpers and the right partners, Antholz 2020 has become a big, international and unforgettable festival of biathlon.”

Biathlon Worldcup in Antholz

Happy athletes, satisfied clients

The fans are excited and we are too!

Photos: Copyright by Südtirol-Arena und IBU