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Supplying tents to the world


In 2008, the People's Republic of China hosted the Olympic Games for the first time, this year the World Expo will take place in Shanghai between May and October. And, as always, when China sets out to do something, it will be a big and spectacular event. And Losberger will be taking part again. Never before has a tent been used as the country pavilion at the exhibition. That tent constructions are used at such large events is, however, not a surprise to anyone. Many tents stand at the main entrances to the Expo site and act as gates and security transfer posts for visitors. Others are used as supply units for the various gastronomic operations. Complete markets can be set up in Losberger tents. As the main supplier to the World Expo, the tent manufacturer has, to date, supplied around 150 tent units and the orders are not yet all completed since during the entire duration of the exhibition festivals and events will be taking place on the Expo site.