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System halls for the increased fire protection requirements

22/08/06, Losberger GmbH

The inquiry came directly from the cradle of Galvanotechnics in Germany


The inquiry came directly from the cradle of Galvanotechnics in Germany: Years ago at the client's location of Vopelius Chemie AG, the companies of Langbein and Pfannhauer Chemikalien were producing supplies for surface technology. But that is many years past. The present landlord, a modern and active chemical company producing primary products for surface treatment, is quickly expanding and was in need of additional warehouse capacity.


 LVCL06_M01w3.jpg LVCL06_M03w3.jpg

During the planning phase, Vopelius Chemie decided to use system halls, as they are comparably fast to erect and leave room for other investments due to their advantageous purchase costs. With regard to fire protection requirements, the chemical concern opted for Losberger, who is providing more than just the usual standard. The company from Leipzig was provided with a warehouse hall in a gas-tight version that ensures the activation of the planned CO2-fire fighting system. In addition to that, the hall features a fire barrier down its middle section, skylights and the gates are linked with the fire detection system. In a second and smaller single-pitch roof hall connected to the warehouse hall via a CO2 -line, 20,000 litres of extinguishing medium are being kept in a reservoir tank in case of emergency.


 LVCL06_M14w3.jpg  LVCL06_M19w3.jpg

After roughly five weeks construction time the client was able to start commissioning the warehouse. At this point of time, the 20,000 litres of extinguishing medium had already been in store in the smaller and insulated neighbouring hall and had been connected to the bigger, 25 m wide and 43 m long warehouse hall. Both system halls consist of a steel framework cladded with hot-dip galvanised trapezoidal sheet steel. While the storage of the extinguishing medium called for an insulated hall version (here a double-layer trapezoidal steel sheet combined with PU-foam was used), the main warehouse hall was erected in a cost-saving non-insulated manner using single-layer trapezoidal steel sheet.

After their construction, both new halls at Vopelius Chemie AG confirm the decision for a prefabricated construction. Apart from the especially economic space solution and a comparably short construction time, they look good and meet all requirements 100 percent.