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The Sky is the limit

02/06/14, Losberger GmbH

Red Bull Air Race – a daring air race against a grandiose backdrop / Exclusive event halls erected by Losberger as VIP tents directly on the Adriatic beach


In April, the port city of Rovini became the venue for the most extraordinary air race in the world, attracting a large number of spectators and fans: The Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Altera Company, Losberger GmbH and its partner VMC21 from Slovenia set up several exclusive VIP tents along part of the coast, covering over 2,000 square meters. The Race Club and the Sky Lounge offered the guests fantastic view of the entire action. Two large Losberger event halls type Arcum and the new large-volume event hall Palas were used as the main VIP entrance for the Red Bull Race Club and the Sky Lounge. At eight metres side height, the Losberger Palas with its cubic tent design stood out from adjacent buildings on the beach. The organiser’s use the surrounding roof parapet as advertising space for this extraordinary event meant that the logo and image motifs were clearly visible from all sides at great height. 

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