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Event and trade fair halls

Temporary architecture of a high standard

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Our event and trade fair halls have a side height of 6.8 to 8 metres. They offer the space feeling of a three-storey high building with ridge heights of almost 12 metres – without disturbing intermediate posts or supporting pillars – and a span of up to 50 metres. 

The reliable roof constructions also allow heavy loads to be suspended, as a result of which precisely these high tent halls can be used for mass meetingsconcertstheatre and of course for trade fairs

These tent types can be rented as gable roof and as round arch roof Arcum, significant Delta roof shape or in part with a projecting roof. Further equipment variants, such as transparent roof/gable covers, etc. are also possible.



The two-storey variant: Emporium


A second level can be freely erected in each of our event and trade-fair halls. But in addition, a complete upper storey can also be erected inside the two-storey type of tent construction. Suitable for use as a balcony or as a stand-alone gallery, according to individual wishes. 

Our Emporium two-storey tents also make a good figure as an observation platform or balcony at major events. Particularly for VIPs and hospitality, for sporting events and many other events. 

Many floor plan shapes are possible, whereby the upper floor remains optionally variable. With appropriate inside and outside staircases, individual access stairways are also possible.


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