The especially good value marquee

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  • large tent easyflex Arcum roof

With spans of 10 - 15 metres, the Losberger easyflex offers an especially attractive option to all those customers for whom the price takes first place in the decision for a marquee.

Despite particularly great cost efficiency, the well-known high Losberger standards were maintained for the material and construction. Consistent optimisation, simplification of the frame technology and dispensing, just this once, with the modular construction ability have led to clear savings allowing a particularly economical tent of high quality to be created.


Model variants for flexibility and variety

Compared with the normal easyflex, the easyflex plus marquee offers further possibilities of fitting out: the Losberger system cassette flooring and the Losberger system cassette walls made of plastic or glass.

Discover the different easyflex models and variants and find the right solution for your needs. 

easyflex Basic

easyflex Arcum