Impressive in size and flexibility

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  • large tent maxiflex Arcum sport event
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With spans from 10 to 50 metres it is the most variable among the large tent systems: Losberger maxiflex is a modular tent construction system with virtually unlimited possibilities.

Ideal for tent operators who often erect tents with spans of over 30 metres, but also rent out smaller ones of under 30 metres.

In addition, this system offers an attractive choice of floor plans and shapes in the most varied sizes. No question that the maxiflex modular construction system includes all options for future tent developments and offers certainty for later purchases for many years.


Model variants for flexibility and variety

Discover the different models and variants of maxiflex and find the right solution for your needs. 

maxiflex Basic

maxiflex Dome area

maxiflex Domicile

maxiflex Rondo

maxiflex Apse

maxiflex Arcum

maxiflex Apse Arcum