Striking architecture for a time or for ever

  • large tent revoflex Emporium inside
  • large tent revoflex Emporium exhibition hall
  • large tent revoflex Emporium

For ordinary or extravagant uses, for events, sales and presentation rooms, or storage and production halls: The representative architecture of Losberger revoflex sets standards in the mobile buildings segment.

Modular construction system, facade design and above all the aluminium space frame located on the outside in square grids of 5 times 5 metres and the graceful roof structure make the Losberger revoflex into an exceptional structure. With the option of building halls of several thousand square metres in size. In this way, changes of location and use are possible without great expense, and the facade and flooring elements from the Losberger large tent modular construction system are also compatible here.


revoflex Basis