Unique solutions for very special event venues or just everyday portable event space needs

  • Large tent uniflex A frame
  • Large tent uniflex A frame
  • large tent uniflex dome area

The Losberger uniflex large tent system  has succeeded world-wide not only  because of its functional superiority and style: Its outstanding features  master  product versatility, safety and high durability. Thus it offers you highest creativity in space design combined with long-term profitability- a combination which generates fastest Return on Investment possible utilizing a clear span frame tent system. PAY-OFF!

The uniflex basic units with width clear spans from 10m to 30m offer the basis for entry into a large tent system that offers  an amazingly comprehensive selection of shapes and sizes.

The general modularity of uniflex, with just a few additional components, makes a great diversity of spans and design variants possible. Everything in the system is combinable and interchangeable with each other. Uniflex: a tent rental company’s most profitable rental asset.



uniflex model variants

Discover the different models and variants of the uniflex system and find the right solution for your needs. Or begin to design your space right now with our Space Planner Tool.