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Its greatness is its span

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With the modular construction system for our small tent element multiflex P7, with side heights of 2.3 or 2.5 metres and the proven truss distance of 3 metres, spans of up to 15 metres are possible. Because the P7’s greatness is definitely its span.

In its development, special attention was paid to ensure that with a side height of 2.3 metres all the multiflex units of the P9 series can also be added. But not only that makes the P7 particularly flexible and readily combinable: With 2.5 metres side height cassette wall elements made of glass or plastic are also available.

In addition, the spindle-fix tensioning system used with the Plus version avoids having the valances turned up by the wind and offers improved protection from rain driving in the eaves area.


Model variants for flexibility and variety

Discover the different models and variants of the multiflex P7 and find the right solution for your needs. Or begin to design your space straight away with our Space Planner Tool.

multiflex P7 Basis

multiflex P7 Dome area

multiflex P7 Domizil

multiflex P7 Apsis

multiflex P7 Apse Arcum

multiflex P7 Arcum

multiflex P7 Pavilion

multiflex P7 Pavilion Arcum

Walkway Basic P7

Walkway Arcum P7