We love challenges

... even when it becomes tricky


Whether in the middle of the desert; in the middle of winter or on difficult foundation soil. Whether in a severe snowstorm, pouring rain or to a restricted time schedule. Whether tents, halls or containers, or events, industrial or municipal constructions.


Whatever we do, we do with a clear overview and, if required, a great deal of creativity, so that your project succeeds reliably and in good time. We only capitulate if there really is no solution to be found. And we notify you of this, as soon as we become aware of the fact - whenever possible with an alternative solution which is reliably feasible. This is because we simply love a challenge.


We check the on-site conditions and find the best, most reliable solution for construction of your Losberger tent or hall. We can also work with soil surveys or using individual design solutions.


The same applies for sudden bottlenecks: in the warehouse, in production, peaks in passenger traffic, at international large-scale events, fire damage, or housing space emergencies, for example at University sites, etc.


Due to the diverse temporary space solutions provided by the Losberger Group, a quick solution is always possible. Here the quick solution doesn't have to be a rustic one. Depending on your request, we possess a series of fittings and accessories which allow you to forget that you are in a "transitional solution". Here, such "transitional solutions" can be used for years, depending on the design - if necessary, or if this has been the intention from the start.