Temporary Constructions, Sustainable Thinking


The obligation to act in a manner which is gentle on the environment and on resources is increasingly becoming an essential component of any economic activities. This applies not least to events and to any investments in infrastructures and buildings.


Here our temporary, completely recyclable constructions, which can be used for multiple applications, provide unbeatable advantages. Depending on the construction solution, dismantling our temporary spatial solutions means that the used site simply reverts to its previous condition. Complex demolishing work and recultivation measures are generally not required. Space consumption and soil sealing are stopped.


During large-scale events, such as the Olympic Games in China, around 120,000 square metres of tent constructions were supplied by Losberger for very different applications. The space sealing lay at 0 percent, as all constructions were dismantled again after the Games and the areas were made available again for other projects. This avoided the necessity for permanent buildings, which would have been built for large-scale events in the past, and which would have subsequently posed problems in terms of their use after the event had finished.


Temporary solutions have also proven expedient, flexible extensions of capacity without negative effectsand in particular under environmental criteria in industrial applications as storage or production halls, as trade fair halls or as temporary extensions to terminals.