That Works!

How We Realise Special Solutions


You have to have the ideas. That's how we manage to turn outdoor swimming pools into indoor swimming baths during the cold season, and outdoor training facilities into indoor ones. Using our tent hall constructions, we can roof over ice hockey pitches and make entire football grounds available for training, independent of the weather conditions, even in winter..


Today, temporary constructions provide solutions which no-one would have thought feasible a few years before.


In addition to tents for events, the so-called "flying constructions", temporary construction has developed itself to cover an increasing number of application fields, and has become a serious alternative for standard spatial solutions in many areas. Here, with appropriate designs, the systems can also be utilised as a permanent measure - just like standard building constructions.


In the field of open-cast mining, huge transport vehicles can be protected from wind and weather in mobile mega-constructions which are particularly economical to construct. Aeroplane hangars, team accommodation, hospitals, production and storage halls and much more are increasingly being built as temporary constructions.


Perhaps a total unrealistic concept is already forming in your mind.