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Accessory options

Adapt your Losberger Cover All hall to your requirements

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Lots of space, a pleasant soundscape, optimum air and light conditions: with our individual accessory options, you can create perfect working conditions in your hall made by Losberger Cover All GmbH.


Accessory options:

  • Various closed gables
  • Door and gate variants
  • Wind protection nets and wind deflectors
  • Window strip
  • Ventilation systems
  • Side curtain systems
  • Drainage systems


Side curtain systems

The air conditions in halls from Losberger Cover All GmbH are ideal. Side curtain systems in the eaves sides create a pleasant hall climate, regardless of whether it's a riding hall or a cowshed.



In line with your requirements, we will secure the gables of your hall with wind protection nets, PVC fabric membrane or in separate sections with wind protection net and PVC fabric membrane. This will create the perfect hall climate to meet your demands.


Door and gate variants

We are happy to offer you suitable door and gate combinations to accompany our hall systems based fully on your requirements.


Ventilation options

Our ventilation system allows the fast removal of hot air without an additional electrical drive. The high degree of overlap between the fan slats almost completely prevents the intrusion of moisture during rainfall. If heat and/or high humidity must be removed from the hall, we recommend the use of thermal fans.

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