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Hall properties

Ideal conditions for you and your intended application


The sophisticated space frame tube profiles are covered by a high-quality PE fabric membrane that is extremely tear-resistant, durable and translucent. The white canvas cover lets in up to 90% of the daylight into the hall interior, and that not only at a few spots, but rather over the entire roof surface. Double benefit: On the one hand, you cut down on energy costs for the hall lighting, and on the other, you have the feeling of working outdoors.


Thanks to the combination of round arch profiles and the canvas cover, the acoustics in the hall are ideal. High frequencies are absorbed by the canvas cover, while middle frequencies and warm bass tones continue to vibrate pleasantly as with a sound box.


The air conditions in halls from Losberger Cover All GmbH are ideal. Wind protection nets in the gable, side curtain systems in the eaves sides and various roof ventilation systems create air circulation and a pleasant feel-good climate.


The profiles were constructed to generate maximum spatial volume. The best examples of this are our round arch halls, which offer 25% to 30% more enclosed space than conventional steel halls with gable roofs.

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