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Hay and straw storage

Optimise your hay and straw storage




The outdoor storage of straw results in considerable losses year after year. Studies have shown that the substance, quality and feed value have fallen by 30%. But, even worse than the visible damage to the bail itself are the negative impacts of mould and putrefactive bacteria on the health of both human and other animals. The use of rotten straw or even hay in livestock husbandry can trigger respiratory diseases, metabolic disorders and fertility problems. 


Covering with membrane or fleece may reduce these losses, but they cannot be entirely prevented when using this form of storage. A hall from Losberger Cover All GmbH is, therefore, the ideal all-purpose hall to minimise your losses.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Loss prevention
  • No mould growth and putrefaction
  • Maintenance of high straw and hay quality
  • No tiresome covering with membrane
  • No disposal of used membrane
  • Simple, mechanical storage and retrieval
  • Constantly dry removal, even in the winter
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