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Overviwe of our hall solutions

Custom space solutions by Losberger Cover All GmbH

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Hall solutions for agriculture
Halls from Losberger Cover All Hall are particularly impressive when it comes to indoor climate, versatility and cost-benefit ratio. The partially translucent membrane creates a naturally bright lighting which promotes the well-being of the animals and thus productivity. Even in overcast conditions, it' still so bright that you can easily dispense with costly electrical lighting. Thanks to the large air space, the air quality achieved in the halls is unrivalled. You determine the air quality, using optional fans, and not vice versa. This allows you to increase production and growth with the simplest, most natural means while reducing the stress of your animals in the process. Halls from Losberger Cover All GmbH have long been used in all areas of animal husbandry, including calves, cattle, and cows and for pigs, chickens and sheep: turkeys, ducks and ostriches feel just as well as horses. 

And, of course, our halls are also suited for storing grain, straw and hay or machinery. A further benefit of our small halls is that, depending on the respective regional building code, they require no permit.


Permit-free hall solutions
Regional building codes prescribe the conditions under which halls do not require a permit. These may include certain surface areas and roof apex heights or special provisions for certain occupational groups. However, when in doubt, it's a good idea to consult a competent architect. We work with architects and structural engineers who work with as much enthusiasm as we do on innovative projects to satisfy you in every way.


Hall solutions for industry
Whether it's about the size, room utilisation, lighting, flexibility, or an innovative look: halls from Losberger Cover All GmbH always offer you a customised solution. 
There is virtually no field in which our halls have not been employed. From waste treatment to water management, from storage halls to manufacturing facilities: you will find your hall at Losberger Cover All in self-supporting span widths from 4 m to 50 m. Thanks to their special surface coating, our halls can also be used in aggressive environments to protect your property as well as the environment. We provide roofing for recycling and composting plants and for salt depots, as well as all types of bulk goods storage facilities. 
Do you need a larger hall because your business is expanding? No problem: your hall will "grow" with you. Our halls can be extended at any time to any length. Do you want to relocate? Your hall can come with you, for the hall can be dismantled as quickly as it was built for installation elsewhere.

Take benefit of the low operating and follow-up costs, for your hall is practically maintenance-free and, thanks to the excellent light conditions in the hall, you will require considerably less electricity and lighting.

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