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    Individual hall systems for your industrial products

    Quick planned, builtplace createdWe look to 
    your short-term space need.

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    Take action now!

    Up to 20% off on 2 fabric halls of the type SAS 33 x 20m length on a first come first serve basis.

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    Versatile hall solutions for agriculture

    We build halls which to your 
    complicated demands more 
    than have grown.

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    Individual hall systems for your horse business

    We have developed equipment 

    and features especially for the
    horse riding and horse position.

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Welcome to Losberger Cover All

Here you will find all information about our industrial halls, the mobile shelters, lunging halls and halls for agriculture. Our products are used for many purposes. For example, as a riding hall, warehouse, exhibition and production hall, bulk goods and recycling halls, sports hall, pasture ground and much more.