Hybrid and Titan

Maximum freedom of movement and especially flexible

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If you want to experience new standards in hall construction, choose our Titan or Hybrid series. Whether self-supporting hall widths of 30 m to 50 m, maximum freedom of movement thanks to variable roof apex heights of up to 19 m, or adaptability to all door and gate variants, the benefits are diverse and the possibilities virtually unlimited.


These hall types differ only in the roof incline. Especially practical: the halls of this series are flexibly divisible.


Hybrid specification:

  • 18° roof incline, same span widths as the Titan but lower roof apex height
  • Straight side walls possible for the purpose of on-site cladding, e.g., trapezoidal sheet or wood
  • Planned drainage system located in eaves area


Available sizes*:

Hybrid   96      29.91 m (W) x 9.80 m (H)

Hybrid 106      32.88 m (W) x 10.27 m (H)

Hybrid 115      35.69 m (W) x 10.74 m (H)

Hybrid 124      38.54 m (W) x 11.20 m (H) 

Hybrid 134      41.38 m (W) x 11.66 m (H)

Hybrid 143      44.35 m (W) x 12.14 m (H)

Hybrid 153      47.16 m (W) x 12.60 m (H)

Hybrid 164      50.02 m (W) x 13.06 m (H)

*available in all lengths


Description of Titan:

  • 30° roof incline and, therefore, a very high hall, e.g. for heavy goods vehicle traffic for material storage
  • Rounded eaves and roof apex for the purpose of continuous membrane guidance up to the base point
  • Planned drainage system located in base point area

Available sizes*:

Titan 100       29.53 m (W) x 13.00 m (H)

Titan 105       32.11 m (W) x 13.70 m (H)

Titan 110       34.79 m (W) x 14.58 m (H)

Titan 120       37.45 m (W) x 15.32 m (H)

Titan 130       39.97 m (W) x 16.06 m (H)

Titan 140       42.55 m (W) x 16.80 m (H)

Titan 148       45.24 m (W) x 17.58 m (H)

Titan 157       47.82 m (W) x 18.32 m (H)

Titan 165       50.41 m (W) x 19.06 m (H)

*available in all lengths

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