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Custom hall systems for your industrial products

Sophisticated systems with tangible benefits

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Quickly planned and constructed – space created! We'll take charge of your short-term space requirement.


The storage and industrial halls from Losberger Cover All GmbH can meet nearly all spatial requirements. Whether as special constructions or multi-bay hall variants, there are no limits to storage space.


The basic structure of our industrial halls – a framework of galvanised industrial steel components - always ensures maximum quality. The roof can consist of a resilient PVC or PE fabric membrane, depending on the size and the industrial demands.  This design offers the same equipment options as those familiar to you from conventional steel hall construction, which enables the integration of door and gate combinations, bespoke ventilation systems, drainage systems and many other features.


With industrial solutions from Losberger Cover All GmbH, you'll be well-equipped meet any demand in terms of storage, logistics and industrial halls, covers, building site roofing, recycling halls, asphalt mixing equipment and much more.

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