Garden Cottages brave wind and rain on the Mountain of Love

The event gastronomy of the Heuchelberger Warte covers their outdoor area with mobile space solutions


The Heuchelberger Warte in Leingarten is known for especially two things. Firstly, for the wonderful view from the idyllic Heuchelberg over the landscape of Heilbronn and secondly, for modern Swabian cuisine and unique events in the rustic mountain restaurant with a beer garden. 

Max Wieland, from the Heuchelberger Warte event gastronemy, told us in an interview how they use their outdoor areas all year round and why they rely on flexible space solutions from Losberger De Boer. 


Mr. Wieland, you already bought Garden Cottages from us a few years ago. Why did you choose Losberger De Boer again? 

The pagodas from Losberger De Boer convinced us because of their durability and functionality. Up here on the mountain, storms often rage wildly, but the weather has not been able to harm our two Garden Cottages in all these years. So when we decided to look for additional solutions to cover our outdoor area this year, our choice fell once again on Losberger De Boer. 


How did you feel about the service of our sales team before and after the purchase? 

The sales team gave us comprehensive advice in advance. At an appointment on-site, we were able to discuss with an expert which type of space solution was best suited for our purposes. Delivery and assembly went off without a hitch, and here too we had a competent Losberger De Boer employee at our side. The Sales team did a great job.  


Why did you choose the Garden Cottage? What advantages do you expect from the product? 

We would like to offer our guests excellent protection from wind and weather in the outdoor area. The Garden Cottages are ideal for this. In high summer they provide shade, now in winter they protect against rain and snow. With closed sides, even strong winds don't stand a chance against them, which is why they are so popular with our guests. The classic design of the pagoda tents not only provides functional protection but also fits in perfectly with the style of our establishment. It was not easy to find a tent that is so stable and stylish at the same time visually convincing.   


Heuchelberger Warte and Losberger De Boer both emphasize quality. Was that an additional decision criterion for you? 

Of course. We have high-quality standards, offer exceptional service, and value first-class products from the region - not only for our food and drinks. Therefore Losberger De Boer is the right partner for us. Not only do they share our values, but they are also very close to us. We can look out over Bad Rappenau from the mountain, and this proximity creates trust. 


October, 2020.

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