Eyecatching hospitality location at the 24h Le Mans race

The Le Mans 24 hour race is one of the biggest and most prestigious motorsport events of the year. From 1923 on, it is held annually in the near of the French town Le Mans and is considered the ‘Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency’.

Unlike the concept of fixed distance races, the 24-Hours of Le Mans selects a racing team as winner that covers the greatest distance in 24 hours while balancing the demands of speed without facing mechanical failure.


What was the purpose of this project?

Over time, 24h Le Mans has attracted the elite of motorsports and brought them together in one location. With so many premium brand names at one place, it's not easy to stand out. Aston Martin succeeded. Our company was awarded the temporary structure build contract from international event management agency, iEvents, for an undisclosed sum.

Therefore, British luxury car brand Aston Martin utilized our VIP-hospitality accommodation to make their presence known at the famous 24h Le Mans. In order to meet the high demands of iEvents and Aston Martin on quality, safety and innovation, our company delivered a triple decker structure consisting of two Premier 15x30m with an Anova 15x25m on top. Furthermore, the accommodation included a canopy in 5x15m, as well as various doors, horizontal glass panels, stairs, fencing and additional terraces at both entrance and race track side.

The pavilion combined the distinctive look and feel of the brand house style with an outstanding hospitality area, in order to give Aston Martin the exposure that matches the brand’s stature. Moreover, Aston Martin and iEvents took advantage of the many 'branding opportunities' that the structure offers by having the entire exterior executed in their corporate design.


What is unique or complex about this project?

Considering the project from an innovational point of view, the 2018 Aston Martin pavilion was the first triple decker structure ever built in Le Mans. The structure was tailor-made to create the ultimate brand experience and even included a cinema space.

Having to build numerous large, tailor-made structures for global players like Toyota, Alpine, BMW, Total and Matmut in a limited amount of time, the logistics side proved to be the biggest challenge faced during this project. With careful advance planning and excellent preparation the project team managed to coordinate a numerous amount of trucks with material from several companies. So, minimal and very efficient transport was key in order to abide by the regulations on site and build all modular space solutions within 3 weeks of time.

Speaking of the Aston Martin pavilion, approximately 9 trucks of material were handled and an assembly time of 8 days realized, while taking the strictest international standards: EN NEN 13782, ISO 9001, 14001 and SCC into account.


What were the results of this project?

As our company has been building temporary space solutions at Le Mans since 1990, we possess comprehensive knowledge of the local conditions and longstanding experience in creating - not only temporary space – but the best customer experience.

Events agency iEvents again chose to collaborate with us for the Le Mans project and provided us the following testimonial: "iEvent creates unique moments during major events. To do this, we need to work with trusted partners that can bring our creative ideas to life. That's why we work with this company, to be able to rely on their know-how. At Le Mans, we have created many unique projects! Whether by their size, their specificity as well as their realization including strong constraints, especially temporal, each edition of Le Mans has many challenges that we face together."

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