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Union of Forces for the Games

Arena Losberger LTDA

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Ulrich Schappel

Phone: 55 21 3553 2685



Stream in LIVE at: https://www.rio2016.com/en 


Losberger and Arena: Two Global Athletes of the Event Industry combining their skills for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


We were not only engaged to carry out a series of test events before the games but even more to provide a fantastic range of structures and temporary buildings on site for the games turning them into a sparkling show for the world!

Within a timeframe of almost 4 month in total, the Losberger and Arena team of up to 130 persons on site constructed around 40.000 m² of material for 538 different structures. With all our energy and effort we installed and delivered complete structures, canvas, flooring, light systems, guard railing, ramps and electricity. From scaffolding to individual hospitality areas, from grandstands to staircase solutions