The Sky is the Limit: Losberger De Boer Airport Capacity Solutions.

Airport Terminals, Aircraft Hangars and Cargo Warehouses

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Losberger De Boer provides turnkey solutions for airport capacity demands from concept and design to installation. We deliver complete airport terminals for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent applications including e.g. baggage handling and security systems. We also provide cargo warehouses and hangars as MRO/FBO facilities for aircrafts. All these solutions are completely modular and are specifically designed for the requirements of airports.


Applications of mobile airport Structures▪ Urgent increase of passenger capacities (during trade shows, sport events or cultural events)
▪ Bridging gaps during refurbishment and renovation works
▪ Permanent expansions of airports
▪ Increases in cargo traffic requiring additional storage space
▪ Increased demand of MRO/FBO facilities for aircrafts


Your advantages
▪ Cost-effective alternative to traditional buildings
▪ Short planning and implementation period
▪ Quick installation and dismantling
▪ Great flexibility through a modular structure
▪ Easy reuse and relocation
▪ Resource-efficient and therefore sustainable



For all capacity needs, all over the world: Losberger De Boer.


Relocatable terminals

Where there is no time for long planning and construction periods or where permanent solutions are simply too high of an investment, Losberger De Boer FlexiTerminal® solutions are the fastest and most efficient alternative to expand passenger capacities. Established in 2006, the FlexiTerminal® is a bulletproof solution, thanks to its unique modular construction it can be integrated perfectly into the environment of the existing airport. It can be completed with e. g. baggage handling and security systems for both temporary and permanent use.


Aircraft Hangars

Our rapid deployment hangars are designed to be as light as possible while withstand-
ing the harshest climates on earth. They are air tight and can be humidity controlled in order to reduce maintenance and spare parts costs. Furthermore, their thermal efficiency allows to reduce power and AC consumption significantly. This makes our hangars the perfect fit for MRO/FBO clients as well as airlines, private jet companies and armed forces.


Whether it is container storage facilities or palletised cargo destined to air freight: Where cargo facilities become the bottleneck, our warehousing solutions offer air cargo hubs the necessary flexibility in order to quickly answer the needs of the dynamic logistics industry. They are available with climate control, ideal for storing and protecting specialty goods and can be equipped with windows, gates, ramps, etc.


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