The permanent solution:

Keeping São Nicolau connected to the sky.

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The challenge
The island of São Nicolau is a remote island off the West African coast which predominantly provides inter-island flights with a flight capacity requirement of up to 500,000 passengers per year. The challenge was to design, manufacture and deliver a turnkey solution that was cost-effective whilst utilizing the latest technology.


The solution
Through exact design processes and modular manufacturing we were able to finish the project both on time and within the client’s budget. After designing the foundations we engaged a local contractor to deliver them. Constant and precise project management from start to finish allowed us to hand over a fully operational facility to the operator after only 6 weeks, despite the island’s remote and therefore challenging location.


The benefits

For the operator in São Nicolau cost-effectiveness was a key criterion from the beginning. As usual, Losberger was able to deliver a state of the art facility that will last for over 40 years for a fraction of the cost of a traditional design and build solution. Of course, the customer didn’t think twice about taking full advantage of our FlexiTerminal® instead of renovating the old existing facility.



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