Soil clean-up and recycling

Enclosures for construction and renovation work, recycling and maintenance

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  • Protect your materials from environmental impacts
  • Hall for recycling PD Chemiepark
  • Recycling Soil Rehab
  • Recycling Soil Rehab

Are you in need of a shelter for your construction site, a storage or production hall, or a facility for machine and vehicle maintenance? In that case, flexible space solutions from Losberger De Boer help you protect your project from environmental influences. No matter wind, heat, cold, rain, snow, or even unwanted glances, your project realization is secured.


Storage solutions for biomass, recycled and waste-materials

Losberger De Boer supplies high-quality space solutions for soil clean-up, recycling and separation of reusable materials. Our halls are available in the shortest time and tailored to your individual needs. Due to their durability, flexibility, and premium quality, they can be erected at any location and used for decades.


We know the particularities of storing biomass and recyclable materials and have suitable solutions ready for it. For example, we can equip our industrial halls with a supplementary lining membrane, which provides the best possible containment of dust and smoke emissions. Do your recyclable materials have to be stored sorted by type? Then we offer space solutions outside and inside existing buildings to separate your collected raw and waste materials.

 Protect your materials from environmental impacts


For the Liverpool Bulk Terminal (BLT), we delivered a 100,000m³ warehouse for the storage of 65,000t of wood pellets, erected only 150m away from the Irish Sea. Strong winds and British weather conditions caused no problems for the assembly team. According to the customer, the mega hall, built by Losberger de Boer and BLT, should remain in operation for up to 20 years.


Our storage halls are usable for:

  •  Long-term storage,
  •  temporary storage or
  •  or the recycling of a wide variety of materials

 Storage solution for reusable materials

Enclosures for construction and renovation work

With enclosures by Losberger De Boer, you ensure that reconstruction and renovation works are on schedule. You protect the environment from emissions and your construction site from weather influences. In this way, your employees can continue their work in any case.


Our flexible enclosures are shiftable within a short time following the progress of work. They can also be reused on other construction sites as required. Moreover, they enable the biological treatment of contaminated soil regardless of the weather and also protect your project from the gaze of curious passers-by.


An additional application is ventilation. It prevents the polluted atmosphere from being released out of the hall untreated. In this process, the enclosure is combined with an exhaust air treatment system to form a ventilation system.

For more details, please contact our partner BTS GmbH.


In short, Losberger De Boer enclosures serve as an economical solution for your construction and renovation works on floors, existing buildings or new buildings.

 We deliver space for complete or partial enclosure

Space solutions for vehicle and machine maintenance

Losberger De Boer has over 100 years of experience delivering first-class space solutions to numerous satisfied customers such as Manchester Airport Group, BMW Mini and many more. We designed our product and service portfolio to meet your needs and requirements. For this reason, we are DIN ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified. Our mission is to provide space solutions for short and long term maintenance of vehicles and machinery that create the very best customer experience.


Thanks to their modular character, our semi-permanent and permanent aluminium halls have high durability and load-bearing capacity to withstand your local weather conditions. Meanwhile, your vehicle and machine maintenance remain protected.


You can significantly reduce your dependence on artificial light sources such as LED lighting by using our translucent PVC wall elements. Thus, you can achieve substantial savings in energy consumption, which will lead to low operating costs.


In addition to the flexibility and energy efficiency, further advantages come from the rapid availability of our solutions compared to conventional buildings. Any questions? Our experienced team is happy to consult you.