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  • Mobile storage space for airports
  • Flexible space for harbour areas
  • Our storage solutions for French airport Charles de Gaulle
  • At Amsterdam Harbour: Flexible space for individual needs

Because of the Corona crisis, many companies are stuck with cargo or leftover products. Other companies need more warehouse space to widen the aisles for social distancing. In both cases, one of our temporary storage halls can be the best solution. Quick to install, made to measure, and easy to scale up and down.


 The benefits of additional storage space by Losberger De Boer for you:

  • Can be built short-term
  • Full-service turnkey installation, ready for use
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional buildings
  • Custom size
  • Scalable after installation
  • Relocatable and adaptable
  • Semi-permanent and permanent use possible


Short planning and building time

Our semi-permanent storage halls and warehouses can be erected short-term. All our structures are of our own design and are engineered with rapid deployability in mind. Thanks to our decades worth of experience, our experts can draft a proposal that is perfectly tailored to your needs and wishes fast. And thanks to our large stock in Germany and surrounding countries, we can guarantee that we always have enough materials to deliver your structure in time.


Ready to use turnkey installation

We can provide the turnkey delivery, on budget and in time, of complete, fully equipped storage, transfer and warehousing facilities. Through our global network of trusted partners, we can deliver completely furnished accommodations, with facilities like climate control, heating and ventilation, interior lighting, sanitation and even office units.


More cost-efficient than traditional buildings

Our semi-permanent structures are a very cost-efficient alternative to traditional buildings. Even apart from the fact that placing a Losberger De Boer structure is infinitely faster than the process of constructing a new building, it is also much less expensive. Especially considering the fact that when properly maintained, our structures can be used for decades.


Custom size

Your new storage facility will be tailor-made according to your specific needs so that you can make optimal use of the space you have available. We don’t just supply you with a structure, our experts are fully committed to providing you with the best possible space solution and the best customer experience. Among many other things, this includes drafting a custom structure that meets your exact space requirements both now and in the future.


Easily scalable

Times are changing. Constantly. Right now, adaptability is more important than ever. After installation, your new storage facility can be easily scaled up and down, which means we can adapt your hall to continuously match your changing space requirements. We can offer the level of long-term flexibility that is required for you to once again (and structurally) grow your business and optimize your operations.


Relocatable and adaptable

Apart from being scalable in size, our structures can also be moved to a different location on your terrain of a new site altogether. Thanks to the highly adaptable nature of our structures, we can also adapt them to serve a different purpose. Let’s say you need less storage space in a few years, but want to expand your office space – we’ll transform your storage to a fully functional office space your people will love to work in.


Semi-permanent or permanent use

While our storage and transshipment solutions are rapidly deployable, they offer you a lasting space solution. As we only use top quality and highly durable materials, our structures can be used for decades. The quality and longevity of our products add to their incredible low total costs of ownership. We are the construction partner that supplies you with a the best possible long term solution.


Choose Losberger De Boer if you want:

  • German engineering and production
  • Top quality advice from experts
  • Certainty that your building

o   Will be delivered on time and on budget

o   Adheres to the strictest building codes

o   Is produced and placed with safety and the environment in mind


German engineering and production

All engineering and production on all our structures, is done by our own team of experts. Every single part is German designed and German made. Why? Because this is the only way we can make sure that every one of our solutions meets the high standard that we have set for ourselves. And that standard is world-class solutions that help you achieve your goals.


Top quality advice from experts

We don’t sell or rent out structures, we offer solutions. Solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. That’s why we have a large number of specialists with over decades of experience. Our specialists listen to you and are committed to understanding your needs, so that they can provide you with the best possible space solution for your long term goals.


On time and on budget delivery, safe installation, sustainable project

Thanks to our experience with complex logistics and time constraints, and the constant availability of parts and personnel, we can guarantee on time delivery. Any offer you receive from us, will contain an all-in price. You don’t like surprises afterwards and neither do we. We are committed to on budget delivery.


Choosing Losberger De Boer as your partner also gives you the peace of mind of choosing a top of class, genuine product, that is produced and installed with the safety of all involved firmly in mind. All our structures adhere to the building code and the strictest German regulations. We are also committed to continuously lowering our carbon footprint. We are VCA**/SCC**, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and over the last decades, we have been able to further improve our processes to limit transport movements. Please know that over 90% of all our parts are either re-used or recycled.


Storage solutions for ports

Losberger De Boer has a great deal of experience in carrying out construction work in port areas and even on quays. We have built structures in the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Ipswich, to name but a few.


Space solutions for airports

Losberger De Boer offers solutions for long-term capacity demands at airports, that can be placed on short term.


Apart from custom-made storage facilities, our airport solutions include:

  • Relocatable terminals
  • Baggage handling facilities
  •  Warehouse facilities
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Check-in, customs and security facilities
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