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Because of the Corona crisis, many companies are stuck with cargo or leftover products. Other companies need more warehouse space to widen the aisles for social distancing. In both cases, one of our temporary storage halls can be the best solution. Quick to install, made to measure, and easy to scale up and down.


No matter whether you have to bridge a warehouse bottleneck occurring at short notice or whether you want to invest in additional space capacities for warehouses and logistics in the longer term, we have the right solution for you!


The possibilities for equipping the Losberger range of halls extend from the simple, non-insulated industrial tent to the fully insulated, permanently usable storage hall. Your new storage or industrial tent is supplied and erected within a few days and is thus quickly at your disposal for use. If you decide on the permanent variant, you have the choice of a wide range of gates, doors, windows, etc. – exactly in accordance with your requirement and your taste!


Losberger storage halls and tents are also suitable, for example, as transfer or commissioning halls. They are flexibly extendable, for example by means of adjoining structures, or can be moved to a different location at any time.


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