Bakery shops

Your new custom-made branch – with our flexible modules!

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  • Bakery pavilion Grimminger
  • Bakery shop indoor
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We have been working successfully for years for the bakery trade, but also for chain-store owners, kiosk and snack-bar operators. The market development has confirmed our well thought-out concept: With our modular system, we are in the position at any time to offer a suitable solution for every requirement, for every shape of the plot of land and for every required size. The integration of room modules into existing buildings can also be managed without the slightest difficulty with the proven modular system.


Our room modules – with a rectangular or honeycomb ground plan – in combination with other honeycomb or rectangular modules open up countless possibilities for the architectural arrangement of both the facades and the interior rooms. In addition, planning alternatives result from the different colours for the frames and roof parapets, different colours and materials for the facade as well as from the purposefully employed alternation of facade and glass elements.