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Living and learning rooms in modular construction system

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The conditions for a building, in which a kindergarten or a school is accommodated, are simple: the children and pupils must feel at ease. It is not just a matter of the colour of the wall, but of effective sound insulation, of pleasant room temperatures and of unpolluted materials. And we are familiar with that, because we have been building for the public-sector, church and private-sector school authorities nation-wide for decades. With our experience we create the best prerequisites for ensuring that the expectations of the school authorities, but above all those of the children and their parents are fulfilled.


No matter whether the institution is planned as a temporary solution or as a permanent building, we ensure that children and adolescents of all age groups, with or without a handicap, can move and develop there freely. From the rest room to the classroom, from the common room to the sanitary facilities, each module used has its equipment, individually tailored to the respective requirements. Even fully furnished hostels for students or senior citizens can be built without any problems with our flexible module system.


For John Deere we have built up an individual corporate kindergarten.