Presentation and sales

Our sales pavilions: the first impression counts!

  • Presentation pavilion
  • Office complex two-storey
  • Ausstellungspavillon-Glasfassade-innen.jpg
  • Infopoint-Pavillon.jpg
  • Verkaufsstand-modulbau.jpg

The first impression shapes customers’ attitudes about your company. With our elegant, inviting room modules you create the prerequisites for ensuring that this impression is positive – and your employees can sell.


The basic shape of our pavilions is a honeycomb, and the modules are fitted together depending on the size and the partitioning of the office and presentation areas. As a result, the basic grid opens up numerous ground plan variants so that each pavilion becomes unique.


Our modular system opens up a multitude of options, not only in dimensions and ground plan. Visual accents can also be set in many shapes with this system: The roof parapet and building superstructures in your corporate identity colour, canopies and much more – no limits are set to the creative design of your sales building. Of course, pylons, neon signs and other advertising media can also be inserted or added.